• Construction Management

  • Building Power Analysis

  • Commissioning


  • 20,000 SF

  • Work in Live Data Center

  • Tier 3

  • Fast-Track Construction

The Montreal 7 project involved the conversion of an existing telecom and data center space to a modern, highly-efficient telecommunications and colocation facility.

The challenging scope of this project involved work that had to be accomplished within existing office spaces with restricted ceiling heights in a 60-year-old building on multiple floors. Minimal impact to existing tenants also had to be maintained, while maintaining their critical path of 90 days.

These challenges were overcome by incorporating future growth into the design and construction, as well as, minimizing waste of labor and materials, working with the city of Montreal, the utilities and the building owner to maximize the capacity of the facility.

Existing viable equipment was incorporated into the design and operation and with the ability to change out that equipment in future phases of the program.

The facility was successfully expanded and ultimately achieved a capacity of 5 megawatts. To further support market growth objectives, we performed a building power analysis, which allowed adding another 500 kW between phase I and phase 2 of the project.

The use of a new mechanical piping system technology allows for future phases of the project to happen in a timely manner and accommodates the addition of a new central plant.

The project came in under budget by $300,000 and was completed in 90 days from start to finish.