• Site Search

  • Master Planning

  • General Contracting

  • Commissioning


  • 85,000 SF

  • Critical Power & Cooling

  • High Tier Redundancy

To meet the growing demands of customers, Flexential (formerly ViaWest) decided to expand in the Dallas Metro area. Our team was initially engaged to support the site search and master planning of the new 85,000 SF Dallas flagship data center complex, named Synergy Park. Once the site selection was complete, Flexential engaged our team to design, build and commission the new site.

The 50,000 SF of raised floor was constructed within six months of the signed lease and includes high reliability critical power and cooling infrastructure. All supporting some of the highest density power configurations in the colocation business. In addition, the complex includes high-end office space, disaster recovery, and 24×7 on-site support spaces.

The design philosophy of this project included high tier redundancy on all critical infrastructure with the ability to add new infrastructure on demand. This design provides a scalable system that allows for growth without risk of downtime or reduced reliability.

In order to keep up with the incredible growth of Flexential, we were subsequently engaged to lead the next phase of expansion of the data center complex. This included the addition of a 900-ton chiller, heat exchanger and a cooling tower to provide an added level of redundancy.